09.04.2015 - 20.05.2015

Painter, photo and video-artist, performance and installation director and curator Paul Kerestey is a Ukrainian with a German citizenship who lives and works in London and Munich.
The author himself sees his exhibition «SZUPERNOVA» as “the process of formation of a new star, cataclysmic process post factum and the name of the exhibition, created specifically for Vozdvyzhenka Arts House. The images of flaming asteroids were used in this project. ”
The SZUPERNOVA project is a post-apocalyptic story about a new world, a new nature of existence. Aggressive and bright coloring became dominant in the works of the artist. Trees, comets and the acid-colored landscapes are not telling us that they artificial but that the nature has changed.
This project is extremely important for the new and at the same time also “cataclysmic” Ukrainian landscape of today. We are experiencing another apocalypse, all together in a national context and each of us – personally. An exhibition by Paul Kerestey in its essence is at the same time both a reflection on events and an artistic look on its future. And by looking at the “SZUPERNOVA” exhibition, it`s possible to say that even it might be not easy to accept our new Ukrainian reality, but it is definitely going to be vivid.