Space Attention

04.03.2016 - 16.03.2016

Vozdvizhenka Arts House in cooperation with “Fund Method” presents an experimental and educational project “Prostir uwagy” (Space of Attention) for painters, artists and alumni from different Art Universities.

This educational project by Vozdvizhenka Arts House creates a unique creative art space for development of the different non-commercial and experimental art practices that supports emergence of new names and young stars.

“Space of Attention” gives its participants an opportunity to develop new skills and achieve vital practical experience and gives them a deeper understanding of the process that determines functioning of the majority of cultural institutions.

The main feature of the educational program “Space of Attention” of 2016 is going to become its place of venue – the educational process itself is going to occur in a working area of the exhibition hall where artists and curators are going to express their ideas in the sphere of attention of our attendants, visitors and viewers. An important feature of this program is going to be an internal working group, so classes will acquire performative forms.

This program will focus on the presence of the work, gestures and actions done by artist in a public space (open space). The whole concept of an exhibition is going to be taken into consideration as a main form of representation of the art work; its features, elements, relevance and alternatives.

During these workshops, the project participants, split up into different groups are going to test the “Art” as a method, tool or an object in the lab conditions created by our curators through their tests and situational provocations. Participants would have to understand how an object is created and in which way this process is correlated with an idea of its creation as well as to understand the processes and ideas of any art exhibition, both practical and theoretical. We are going to attract your attention to the ways in which the elements of art are forming your perception of the reality.

During the practical seminars we are going to explain what is meant by the concept of “modern art” by theorists and realists and how do these perceptions affect the metatheoretical debate about the essence of Art. During this project we would also try to answer the question: “What is contemporary art?” without any attempts to try to find its differences and similarities with modernism and postmodernism but rather we are going to question the concept of “modern art” as a way of reflection of any reality, ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Curators: Catherine Badyanova and Lada Nakonechna.

Nakonechna Lada – painter, member of the R.E.P. Group, co-founder and member of the curatorial group “Khudrada”, co-founder of the “Method fund”, Kyiv.
Catherine Badyanova – art critic; Member of the curatorial association “Khudrada”, co-founder of the “Method fund”, Kyiv.

Space Attention