17.03.2016 - 10.04.2016

Stratigraphy is a social art project which is aiming to draw attention to the decay of the valuable cultural heritage in the capital of Ukraine, most of which monuments belong to the State list of intellectual and architectural heritage of Ukraine.
Ksenia Gnylytska is a master of art documentation – one of her latest projects was a set of watercolor drawings in which she captured the catastrophic state of capital`s architecture. From their side, journalists of the “Access to the truth” website are conducting an investigation about owners of the aforementioned buildings, which belong to the State Register.
The aim of the project is to organize an exchange in experience between different community activists, urban specialists, journalists and civil servants and to find a constructive solution for avoiding the ruination of the city`s cultural heritage.
Presentation of the project and all of the relevant events are taking place in the historical district of the city, which has gone through a complete renovation which automatically deepens the context of the problem.
This project is aiming to provide a communication platform for bilateral cooperation.