24.12.2015 - 24.01.2016

If you split the word "Предмети" (objects) into components like a table – into the table top and legs, it appears that it has a much deeper meaning than it seems at a first glance. The first thing we would find in it is the word "ти" – “you”.
By creating an object every designer gives it a part of himself, a piece of his soul. But when an object finds his owner, this "I" becomes "you", without losing its "I". (Yes, that`s complicated, but believe me, it does). All of the objects of art and design, like any other art objects are quite subjective in their nature. Inside the word is hidden yet another sub-word "META" (target) like the purpose of existence is hidden in the essence of any phenomenon. And finally the word "Пред" (before) – as a hint of anticipation and foreboding, which every artist should get along with in order to understand future trends.
Only the artists and designers which are in position of the previously mentioned talents were invited to attend the exhibition in our gallery space of 32Vozdvizhenka ARTS HOUSE.
The morphology of this exhibition will be based on the fact that every single object here is a piece of separate art at the same time being a part of the global exhibition and its combined and unique portrait.
During the project our art space is going to host thematic meetings, lectures and workshops where participants, artists and art critics can communicate.
This exhibition is going to include the works of such Ukrainian artists and designers such as Sergei Makhno, Tomenchuk Igor, Valery Kuznetsov, Yuri Segla, Nastase Amai, Yova Yager, Glassgarden, Hochu Rayu, Fabrique de FORMe, Valeriy Bondarenko and others.