The absence

21.02.2017 - 13.03.2017

Vozdvizhenka Arts House present exhibition by Viktor Savkiv – “The Absence”. The artist appeals to the tradition of so-called “conceptualist project” in which the conquest and understanding of Absence \ Nothing \ Emptiness is carried by the means of understandings, concepts and in the blank spaces that arise between the object and its name.
In his work, Victor Savkiv is trying to achieve maximal space transparency, where visual emptiness is associated with extreme lack of clarity and ambiguity of the semantic load. Inexistence, nothingness and emptiness become conventional images, topics, contents and concepts.
Johan Huizinga in his book “Man and Culture” (1938) asks himself a question: “…which heavenly signs have lightened up our modernity?” And therefore answers: “a sense of crisis, helplessness, savagery, delusion, blind illusion, hypocrisy and the escape from doubt to self-deception… “These ‘signs of modernity’ are trying to be articulated by artist in his work.
Victor Savkiv provides modern interpretation of the theme of empty space. He fills this emptiness at his discretion and allows the beholder to fill it with his own thoughts, experiences and emotions, constructing a certain situation for reflection. Passing the author`s message through the prism of his mind, the viewer becomes the object of this exhibition.
Thankfully to the media, technological progress and other factors, anyone can become an artist. The Art nowadays is not a sacred value, which can be only shared by a `true artist`. Thus, Victor Savkiv is taking the most out of it by creating a precedent of “infringement” on the territory of art from the ‘man in the street’ perspective.

Viktor Savkіv:
“Vidsutnist, russian.-” отсутствие ”
English: «Absence», «lacking»

This word describes a condition of absence of someone or something, missing from its usual place of existence. In my opinion, Ukrainian word ‘vidsutnist’ is more appropriate, more succinct than Russian, ‘otsutstvie’. I like the combination of words ‘presence’ of ‘absence’”.
We are constantly confronted with the fact of the absence of something that should exist in our imagination, with the need for it, necessity or desire. The absence of freedom, opportunity, desire, object, partner, needs, justice, joy, work, success, thought, health and eventually the absence of life. The number of these words is equally endless to our understanding about our necessities.
In my work I tried to explore and demonstrate this lack of presence. The physical manifestation of ‘vidsutnist’, which refers to the understanding of nature of the contemporary modern art and the forms of its presentation. This is an attempt to get out of the narrative of relations between galleries and the audience. The area of ​​my knowledge is expressed in the absence of the exhibited object itself.
This work is the result of my reflections and experiments with the exhibition space during the last two years.

The absence