Milstein, Andrukhovytch and Leiderman – discussion about “Pyatipol”

We have a pleasure to invite you to the presentation of the book by Alexander Miltstein “Pyatipol”, published in 2017 by the publishing house Vozdvizhenka Arts House.
More about the book:

The presentation will take place within the framework of the “Paper Bridge” festival, and later, within the Kyiv part of the festival program, the opening of the exhibition of Alexander Milvestein entitled “Windows in Pyatipolis” will be held. At the discussion will be joined Yuri Andrukhovich, Yuri Leiderman, Victor Savkiv and Alexander Milshtein. Place of action: Kharkov, space “SPALAH”, st. Miracle, 6. Time: 17:00

“Pyatipol” is the first book of Alexander Milstein, illustrated by his own drawings. The unusual, moving character of the letter, with intentional “clutches” and high-speed shifting of plans, enters here into quirky interweaving with an equally unusual graphics, revealing more and more illustrative possibilities from every perspective of the plot, whether it be pastel, computer graphics or a simple ballpoint pen. Flanking along the streets and the vicinities of Munich, the Kharkov citizen Alexander Milstein continues his own everyday allusion journey into the depths of language, memory, fate. On this fracture there are alter ego of his phantom, contour characters: Capiton, Tinnitsky, Flo, Fritz … Nevertheless, in the story of “Pyatipol”, which gave the title to the entire collection, the narrative is conducted on behalf of the author himself, who again appears in Ukraine, then between Kiev and Poltava, in the mysterious town of Pyatipol, with a hill covered slopes and surrounded by hundreds of columbar forests with trunks of trees painted with white paint …

The author of the annotation is Yuri Leiderman

The “Paper Bridge” aims to initiate an exchange between writers and artists of the country, about which we still know little, but which will become much closer if we at least go here. The project is created by writers, musicians and artists with the active support of translators, historians, literary and artistic intermediaries, publishing houses, galleries and curators. “Paper Bridge” plans to attract readers and readers, as well as connoisseurs of art from both countries (Ukraine and Germany). From 2015, such close literary and artistic contacts have been established that continue to operate in Germany and the European Union and show Ukraine as the country that should be opened and which is part of us.

Milstein, Andrukhovytch and Leiderman – discussion about “Pyatipol”