Нappening “Master Art”

18.06.2015 - 18.07.2015

Нappening “Master Art”

18 June – 18 July 2015

18 June Vozdvizhenka ARTS HOUSE presented the happening  – the foundation of a new business company “Master Art”.
Top managers: Nykyta Kravtsov, Zhanna Kadyrova, Aleksei Sai, Stas Voliazlovsky, Viktor Pokydanets  and Maksym Mamsykov;

Manager: Simon Khramtsov.
“Master art” rented it’s office in the gallery space and founded the company that will produce the masterpieces. The company “Master Art” offered for the consumers “high-quality art for the offices, bars and restaurants.”

Company slogan: “Nobody will blame you that you do not understand the art!”

Нappening “Master Art”