Vitalii Shupliak. Signals

15.06.2017 - 09.07.2017

The sign of identity in times of global signals, where blue becomes a new white – a symbol of purity and information virginity, can not fail to attract the promised opportunities, but alarms its unpredictability.
Signals – they and signs and symptoms, indicators, illuminating problem areas, indicate … Alerts and warnings.
Can we say about boundaries better than not to say?
The absence of a signal is also a signal. So for whom is it?
Yes or now?
Vitalii Shupliak mainly deals with performance, installation and video. Lives and works in Poland and Ukraine, carries out the activities of the “Pi” Gallery.
The exhibition is accepted by Vozdvizhenka Arts House – the partner gallery of the festival NonStopMedia VIII, the finalist of which Vitalii became last year.

Vitalii Shupliak. Signals