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“Pyatipol” is the first book by Alexander Milstein, illustrated by his own drawings. The unusual, lively manner of writing, with intentional “clutches” and rapid change of plans, enters here into cute plexus with the same extraordinary graphics, opening up more and more illustrative possibilities in every perspective of the plot, whether it be pastel, computer graphics or simple ball pen. Walking through the streets and the outskirts of Munich, Kharkiv, Alexander Milstein, continues at the same time his inner allusion journey deep into speech, memory, fate. On this gap there are alter ego phantom, contour characters: Capitonov, Tinovitsky, Flo, Fritz .. Nevertheless, in the story “Pyatipol”, which gave the name to the book, the story is conducted on behalf of the author himself, who is again in Ukraine, somewhere between Kyiv and Poltava, in the mysterious city Pyatipol, surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of forests with trunks painted with white paint.