Мильштейн Машины
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Alexander Milstein. Analogue Machines (Russian Edition)

110.00 грн.

Paperback: 248 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 9, 2018)

Language: Russian

The action of the novel takes place inside a spatio-temporal funnel unfolding from the town, which last days carries the name “Brezhnev” to the peninsula, which in a few days will be renamed into “Stalin Island”. Associate researcher Vyacheslav Sosnovsky leaves his Procrustean bed, similar to a wooden bench top, standing with two legs on the shore of the Black Sea and two – in the Scientific Research Institute of the 80’s, and with suitcases stuffed with not quite precious stones, manages to get on a passenger train that rides zigzagging, crossing the border between Ukraine and Russia many times, until the curve is taken back to where a thriller like a dream will begin, with actors who will forever be fun and secreted by infernal officers.